Component manufacturing and reconditioning division
As a result of experience gained through over 50 years and of the dimension of our plant and equipment, we are able to work on parts ranging from small precision components to big size parts such as battleships and landing gear, among others.

Manufacturing of cloned parts and special projects.
We have our own Engineering and Development Department which gives advice to clients during the design stages and oversee the whole constructive process for highly critical components/parts.
Component/part reconditioning
We recondition all kinds of components/parts that have been damaged by abrasion, corrosion and friction, reconditioning them to their original diameter and surface through different machining processes and hard coatings. These processes assure that the reconditioned component will last as long as a new one would, and it will cost half the price. All our processes have been Iso 9001:2008 certified. The quality of our inputs blended with our proven experience and strict quality control allow us to help our clients cut costs as well as assure them business continuity when having to replace tough-to-get imported components. We work with all kinds of coatings and machining techniques/grinding to comply with our clients’ high quality standards.
• Hard chrome plating
• Electrolytic copper coating
• Electroless nickel coating
• Plasma application
• HVOF – Tungsten carbide coating
• Spray and fuse
• Arc spray
• Welding (electric, mig & tig) and cold microwelding for filling cracks and pores.

Machining Processes
Boring / Lathing / Burnishing / Thread (hot) rolling / Lapping / In situ grinding / Micromachining (superfinishing) / Cylindrical Grinding – Roll Dressing – Mill Roll Grinding / Crankshaft Grinding / Round Grinding
Components/parts we usually work on
Rolling mills/ Live-rollers/ Rolls for the graphic industry / Hydraulic rolls / Crankshafts / Camshafts/ Cylinder liner for diesel engines / Compressor Cylinder / Rotors for electrical engines/ Shafts / Turbine rotor shafts.

Bearing capacity of our machines
- Max. Capacity: ø 1500mm, 10m (length), 7000kg (weight)
Spray coating
- Max. Capacity: : ø 1000mm, 3m (length), 5000kg (weight)
- Centerless grinding - Max. Capacity: ø 130mm , 11m (length) - Cylindrical grinding - Max. Capacity: ø 1200mm, 7m (length) , 6000kg (weight) - Crankshaft grinding - Max. Capacity: : 1.3m swing, 7m (length), 6000kg (weight)