Non-woven fiber rolls division
Thanks to its high quality liner and exclusive technology, the 3M / NCCM non-woven fiber rolls last up to 100 times longer than traditional rubber rolls.

3M / NCCM Non-woven fiber rolls

Non-woven fiber rolls supplant conventional rubber rolls, polyurethane rolls and metal coated steel rolls.

Thanks to its high quality liner and exclusive technology, the 3M / NCCM non-woven fiber rolls last up to 100 times longer than traditional rubber rolls. They are also technically and profitably advanced.

Nowadays non-woven fiber rolls have become standard in the steel and automotive industries. They are commonly used for draining cold-rolled sheet and also as sheet degreaser.

Financial advantages

A 3M/NCCM fiber rolls can last up to 100 times longer than a rubber roll. This results in fewer replacements, which means lower equipment downtime costs.

Fiber rolls are highly resistant to tears and cuts, reason why they require less maintenance. If there is a problem with the roll, it can be quickly fixed without the need to replace it.

There also are visible and significant quality improvements in the end product, an example is the quality of flat sheet when manufactured with fiber rolls, which is higher because the production line usually contains a lot of metal debris which end up caught on the surface of the rolls and might leave a mark on sheet that passes through them. Owing to their high porosity, fiber rolls absorb the debris, which remains inside the roll, where it is less likely to touch the sheet, therefore significantly improving the quality of the end product.

Technical advantages

Fiber rolls are highly porous, which means increased contact with the flat sheet. Their friction coefficient is 24 times higher than that of traditional rubber rolls, achieving increased straightening with better monitoring capability. This prevents rolls from becoming “slippery” as rubber or polyurethane rolls do, which usually results in aquaplaning.

Another significant advantage is that as a result of increased contact with the plate, the draining is even, this reduces significantly the chemical product flow from one tank to another consequently staving off tank contamination.

We have a wide range of fibers to comply with every type of requirement. Our fiber rolls can be used as draining rolls, pressing rolls, tension rolls, snub rolls, carrier rolls, etc.

Neutral Fiber

It’s the Premium fiber for multi-purpose use in metal surfaces. It is designed to be used in neutral PH conditions and applications which involve the use of oil of various densities.


• Highly durable (Equivalent to 100 rubber rolls)
• Cut resistant
• Self-repairing
• Improved fluid control
• High friction coefficient


This kind of fiber is the best choice for working places with chemicals like caustic soda or acids. It is specifically designed to be used in chemically aggressive conditions as are hot dip galvanizing lines, chrome plating lines, caustic soda cleaning, etc.

Recommended uses:

- As drying roll in acid conditions or places with caustic soda
- As live roll or snub roll

RK Fiber

This fiber is designed to produce the best flange roll in the market thanks to its unique features. It is made of similar fibers to those of the Neutral 3M roll, hence they share many features. It is the first choice when it comes to facilities made of large sheet panels. The fiber is extremely durable, and it has a high friction coefficient that remains the same during the rolls’ service life, which is up to 24 times longer than that of a rubber roll.


- 1.5 to 45 times the tension of a rubber roll.
- Produces more compact laminated rolls
- Reduces movement in the line - Improves control, significant advances in edge registry

Diacrom Solutions

Diacrom is not only the exclusive representative for selling the range of American fibers 3M/NCCM, but also provides technical advice on estimating shaft deflection and the optimal pressure to maximize its service life, etc.

3M/NCCM fiber rolls are made according to length and diameter specified by the client, and Diacrom con also fit the roll to an existing shaft or manufacture a custom-built shaft that complies with the technical requirements of the line.